New York Times: Most wanted Genocide Fugitive, Felicien Kabuga, Arrested

PARIS — One of the most-wanted fugitives accused of financing the 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsis was arrested in a Paris suburb early on Saturday, the French police said, ending a decade-long international hunt. The fugitive, Félicien Kabuga, 84, had been on the run for 23 years since he was indicted by the International … Continue reading New York Times: Most wanted Genocide Fugitive, Felicien Kabuga, Arrested

Où Vas-Tu, Rwanda?

A guest article by Philibert Muzima,  a genocide survivor and author.  Lorsque les rescapés du génocide des Tutsi du Rwanda sont traités de négationnistes, de faux survivants et, par effet de ricochet, leurs êtres chers tués durant le génocide devenant de “fausses victimes”, cela donne des frissons et la […]

BBC: Bamwe mu bacitse ku icumu rya jenoside bandikiye Perezida Kagame

Umugwi w'abanyarwanda 28 bacitse kw'icumu rya jenoside yabaye mu Rwanda muri 1994 bandikiye ibaruwa Perezida Paul Kagame bamushikiriza impungenge bafise ku macakubiri bavuga yuko ariko arabibwa mu barokotse jenoside.   Twashatse kumenya icatumye bandika iryo kete Prudent Nsengiyumva avugana na Philippe Basabose umwe muri abo 28. Ni umwarimu muri kaminuza ya Memorial muri Canada.  Kanda hano … Continue reading BBC: Bamwe mu bacitse ku icumu rya jenoside bandikiye Perezida Kagame

Intwari Ntamenye Izina

  Mu gitondo cy'uyu munsi dukangutse, nabajije umukobwa wa mabukwe icyamukoze ku mutima ku munsi nk'uyu twibuka urugamba rwo kwibohora. Yabaye nk'uhumeka asuhuza umutima, menya ko inkuru agiye kumbwira ari inkuru ishora imizi mu ishavu, umwihariko inkuru z'abarokotse irimburabatutsi zihuriyeho. Yambwiye ati: "Icyakonze ku mutima ni ubutwari bw'iz'amarere by'umwihariko intwari yambohoye, umusirikare w’ inkotanyi ntamenye … Continue reading Intwari Ntamenye Izina

Impunity for Genocide Perpetrators: How the UN Residual Mechanism Fails to Deliver Justice

By Noam Schimmel, First published at Mcgill university's  Center for Human rights and Legal Pluralism today. If you were asked to consider what would be a just sentence for someone who organized and implemented the mass murder of several thousand – possibly tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of individuals, innocent people killed because … Continue reading Impunity for Genocide Perpetrators: How the UN Residual Mechanism Fails to Deliver Justice

100 darkest days

Great piece. Thank you for sharing in such a poetic tone of yours.

strongblacktree Stories/Poetry

A year came, it was the seventh day of april 1994.

I remember the hundred endless darkest days when fear nocked on the doors of tutsis.

With confidence and support they rushed, machetes and swords they carried.

Cries of innocent children heard everywhere around the country, it was the rainy season but the beginning of massacre.

Brave tutsi men tried to protect their families but pangas was on their neck, women and young girls being raped at the daylight, no mercy were shown for the smiling babies.

Brothers and sisters turned enemies, neighbours turned into strangers.

The so called priests, bishops and pastors who we called fathers were the ones to deliver us in the hands of the killers. The order was to destroy and eliminated every tutsi blood.

The world watched millions of tutsis being slaughtered and massacred but did nothing to stop the genocide.

Thousands of tutsis was…

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Here Is Why Genocide Survivors Are Not Compensated, 25 Years On

Throughout the conferences I attended in the United States lately, I raised up, again and again, the issue of lack of adequate reparation for the survivors of  Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, 25 years on. In response I got the same old story from the officials: reparation is divisive,  logistically impossible, the Government and … Continue reading Here Is Why Genocide Survivors Are Not Compensated, 25 Years On

My Hope, 25 Years On

Guest blog post by Mireille Ishimwe. A few weeks ago as I was visiting my family during spring break, I learned that according to a census done by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda in 2007, there were around 300,000 Tutsis survivors of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis. I could not believe that … Continue reading My Hope, 25 Years On

Genocide: Forgiveness is a Betrayal

I spoke to France 24/Spanish Channel,  yesterday.  They asked me my views on forgiveness and reconciliation.  I have to admit that the duo is certainly  NOT my favorite topics to discuss. Next, my favorite topic came up: Justice for the victims. They asked me why i feel strongly about reparative justice and accountability. Much to … Continue reading Genocide: Forgiveness is a Betrayal

78 Years Later, Bodies of Hundreds of Holocaust Victims Discovered

Like the victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, decent burial for thousands of Holocaust victims also appears to be a luxury that not everyone could afford. Nearly 80 years on, thousands of Jewish bodies are still being discovered across Europe. Click to read how over a 1000 Jewish remains were found at a former Belarus Jewish Ghetto recently.

Adding Insult to Injury: ‘Black Earth Rising’ and the Rwandan Genocide

Can we only imagine the indignation a contemporary series using a similar approach to the Holocaust would have raised? If the BBC had decided to broadcast the story of a woman who, having believed all her life to be a survivor of the Holocaust, discovered that she was, in fact, one of the victims of the attacks by Allied forces that the German people suffered during World War II?

‘The Barefoot Woman’ Keeps a Mother’s Memory Alive

I read many books about the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi and this is definitely another must-read book. Originally published in French as La femme aux pieds nus, The Barefoot woman is a new English translation of a moving story about a Tutsi woman who did everything to protect her children from the genocide. The author, Scholastique Mukasonga, refuses to let her family's story be forgotten. Click to read the summary of the book as written by The New York Times’ Parul Sehgal early this week.

Elusive Justice

Bisesero in 2015. Photo/AFP French judges have rejected a bid by survivors of Rwanda's genocide to reopen an investigation into claims that French troops were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people they had promised to rescue.A source close to the case said Wednesday that three war crimes judges had on November 22 dismissed … Continue reading Elusive Justice

Holocaust: Dutch rail firm NS to pay families compensation

According to the article that appeared on BBC today, the Netherlands' state-run rail company NS has agreed to set up a commission to compensate Holocaust survivors for transporting Jews to a Nazi transit camp. 
Isn't this another stark reminder that we, the survivors of Genocide against the Tutsi , need to keep calling for reparation against those who made the extermination of over 1 million Tutsi possible? The list is too long: The Government of Rwanda and its donors, IMF, World Bank,  a dozen French and Belgian banks, countries such as France, Egypt, South Africa, UK, China, ...that sold weapons to Rwanda during and slightly after genocide, despite the UN arm embargo in 1994...

The Plight of my People

Guest post by Mireille Ishimwe:
The song Mbahoze nte by Uwera Florida was playing in my earphones today, since I learned about the tragic passing of Fabienne Isimbi, a genocide survivor of almost my age. Ishimwe reflects on the tragic passing of her fellow young survivor, the cause of her death, and what it means to other survivors...

How A Genocide Criminal Got Arrested After 24years Hiding Under Fake Name

Since 1994 Hategekimana Gervais had eluded authorities that had been looking for him in connection with committing genocide in the current Muhanga district. During the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, the suspect was very instrumental in the gruesome murder of Tutsi at former Nyabikenke Commune. After the genocide, Hategekimana fled to neighboring DRC. He was later … Continue reading How A Genocide Criminal Got Arrested After 24years Hiding Under Fake Name

#KofiAnnan ’s Unaccountable Legacy #genocide #Rwanda

The news stories about the passing of Kofi Annan continue to float around in the media. Philip Gourevitch, one of the best writers on Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi makes his voice count as well. He eloquently discusses how Kofi Annan failed to express any shred of remorse towards his actions or inactions during the genocide of Tutsi in Rwanda and other mass atrocities crimes of the 90s. Gourevitch's piece in the New Yorker today is definitely a must-read. Click to read more.

Another voice condemning Early Release of genocide convicts.

  Jaqueline Murekatete, the Founder and president of Genocide Survivors Foundation, adds her voice to the bulk of imminent personalities calling to revisit the potential decision to grant unconditional early release of  genocide convicts  Aloys Simba, Dominique Ntawukuriryayo and Hassan Ngenze. The trio are currently serving  their sentences in a United Nations prison based in  Mali.  … Continue reading Another voice condemning Early Release of genocide convicts.

No mu Rwanda ngo ba ruharwa barakidegembya

  Abarokokeye Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu Murenge wa Nyarugenge mu Karere ka Nyarugenge, bahangayikishijwe no kubona ba ruharwa bidegembya. Umuntu ntiyakeka ko nyuma y’imyaka 24 Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu Rwanda ihagaritswe, hashobora kuba hari umuntu ukekwaho uruhare muri yo ushobora kuba akidegembya kandi ari mu Rwanda. Nyiraburanga warokokeye Jenoside mu kagari ka Kiyovu, avuga hari … Continue reading No mu Rwanda ngo ba ruharwa barakidegembya

Rwanda: U.S. lawmaker seeks probe into human rights abuse

The chairman of a U.S. congressional subcommittee has called for a full investigation into the growing human rights abuse against civil society activists and political dissidents. Chris Smith, a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said an international team of investigators should be given “unfettered access” to government officials, logbooks and audio recordings … Continue reading Rwanda: U.S. lawmaker seeks probe into human rights abuse